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Functional Medicine Coaching


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  Welcome. It's my passion to guide and support you along your journey to regain health! I help support individuals holistically through a functional medicine approach. Struggling with your health and feeling weighed down? Remember...


Your health challenges don't have to be a life sentence! Health is attainable when we give the body what it needs and take away what is weighing it down.


I take a holistic approach to your wellness! Woven together we are body, mind, and spirit. All are interconnected and like a beautiful symphony work in harmony when supported to produce a crescendo of vibrant optimal health.  When we embrace every facet of our health in each unique season of life and create a life moving towards what we value most our body, mind, and spirit align and give joy along our journeys! You can read about my own healing journey here!

Get a functional nutrition and lifestyle plan tailored to your body’s unique needs.

Together We Can Focus On

  •  Foundations of Health

  •  Nutritional Education

  • Movement & Exercise

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  • repairing the Gut

  • Lyme Recovery

  •  healing mindset & Relational Support 

  • Decreasing Inflammation

  • CIRS/Mold Illness Recovery

  • home & Environmental Health

  • Drainage Pathways

  • Remediation & Clean Up

  • Herbal Education

  • Limbic & Nervous System Support

  • Increasing Energy

How We Can Work Together

1) One-on-one coaching for those looking for a health coach

 2) Programs for those desiring more structure and accountability

3) Consulting for those desiring education.


You can save yourself thousands of dollars by addressing the foundations of functional medicine first!


It's true....You will either pay for your illness or you pay for your wellness. Many health problems could be resolved by addressing the foundations of health first. In our sessions together I show you how to cultivate the necessary foundations for good health so that you feel empowered and in control of your future creating a new, vibrant, and optimal you!

Programs that Lay the Functional Medicine Foundation to Good Health

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