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"Health Coaching is the bridge that takes you from wanting something to achieving it!"

As a Functional Medicine Health Coach I work alongside you collaboratively to bridge the gap between where you are are where you want to be with a custom tailored plan for your unique health needs. In each session your health challenges, your health goals, and I will create a plan to encourage drainage & detoxification, healing nutritionmovement, stress reduction, deep restorative sleep, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social support all with the goal of propelling your healing to a new level! Your foundations to health will be laid out and you will know how to approach them going forward.

Included in One-On-One-Coaching:

  • A 1.5 hour foundation session where we discuss your health, create a blueprint for you, and set goals.

  • Customized follow up sessions. You decide how many and how often and the option to book a package if desired

  • Support and education on foundations to health, healing nutrition, detox & drainage, gut health, herbs, & supplement education, lowering inflammation, mind-body connections, sleep hygiene, exercise, limbic & nervous system support, nontoxic home health, cultivating a healing mindset, a robust support system, and an environment conducive to supporting your health in the long run

  • Exploring where you are stuck, how to make progress in healing

  • Your vision board of what life will look like on the other side and how we together can create realistic goals that will bring about desired transformation

  • Follow up email with detailed plan to reference back to

  • Nutritional handouts and shopping guides

  • Nutritious recipes

  • Discovering your what, why, and worth and why it's crucial to health.

  • Access to my Ebooks & healing guide

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