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As a Bioenergetic Practitioner & Functional Medicine Health Coach I work alongside you collaboratively to bridge the gap between where you are are where you want to be with a root cause approach and a custom tailored plan for your unique health needs. Woven together we are body, mind, and spirit. All are interconnected and like a beautiful symphony work in harmony when supported to produce a crescendo of vibrant optimal health.  When we embrace every facet of our health in each unique season of life and create a life moving towards what we value most our body, mind, and spirit align and give joy along our journeys! Comprehensive bioenergetic testing will be done before your first session with me. Your health challenges, goals, and protocol will all be addressed. Bioenergetic testing coupled with your symptomology give an comprehensive snapshot of your health and areas that need support. Through sessions you will feel equipped and encouraged in the the following areas: drainage, healing nutritionmovement, lymphatic health, stress reduction, deep restorative sleep, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social support all with the goal of propelling your healing to a new level! Your foundations to health will be laid out and you will know how to approach them going forward.

We can work together in one of two ways! A monthly membership (includes Bioenergetic Testing + coaching support) or Bioenergetic Testing (as a standalone) with follow-up appointments to discuss results. Read more about which would fit your needs best below!

Guide To Working With Me

Monthly Membership

  • A 1.5 hour foundation session where we discuss bioenergetic stressors, symptoms, education, creating a blueprint, and goal setting.

  • 2 Bioenergetic Scans 

  • Customized hour follow up sessions

  • Support and education of all facets of your health and healing

  • Exploring where you are stuck, how to make progress in healing

  • Follow up email with detailed plan to reference back to

  • Handouts and shopping guides

  • A complimentary anti-inflammatory cookbook

  • Education on nutritionally dense foods that support the body

  • Discovering your what, why, and worth and why it's crucial to health.

  • Access to my Ebooks & healing guide

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Guide To Working With Me

Bioenergetic Testing

Step One

Order a Comprehensive Bioenergetic Scan. A full scan is beneficial so we can see what is resonating in the body and in need of the most support and attention. You also have the option of adding any Add On Scans of your choice to go deeper and get a broader picture of your health. Upon completion of ordering a scan you will be sent instructions on how to send in samples for your bioenergetic test. This can all be done virtually through your hair & saliva samples provided by you.

Step Two

You will send off your bioenergetic samples in the mail and I will email you once received. At this time you will be able to set up an appointment with me to go over your samples. You will have the option of a  60, or a 90 minute appointment.

Step Three 

You will receive an email 5-7 days after I receive your bioenergetic samples including your full report and regime information. You are welcome to purchase your regimen at that time or wait until after our appointment to do so.  

Step Four

We will meet on the appointed time where I will take the time to explain results, answer questions pertaining to the results and discuss incorporating your regime going forward. 

Step Five

After you complete your regimine you will be able to retest again to see what next steps need to be addressed and what areas need most support. You will have the option to order the Comprehensive Scan, The Follow Up Scan, or a Regime Scan. You will send in samples once purchase as you did previously and once you receive a confirmation email you can then set up another follow up appointment

Please Note

I require at least a 5 month commitment to work with me. Illness doesn't happen overnight and likewise healing doesn't happen that way either...both take time and a realistic understanding and expectation of this is important. I take a whole body approach to your healing because healing is multifaceted. I approach your healing through a proper order of operations. 

Clients that get the most out of this program are clients that are the most committed to their regime and protocol. The more you commit yourself to your health the more you'll receive and get out of this program. It is my job (and really more of an honor) to walk beside you, educate you, and care for you but likewise it is your job to implement what we discuss, make the necessary changes, and take ownership of your health and your life. 

Email support is provided in between sessions but is limited to questions regarding your protocol and regime. Please refrain from asking more in depth question until our next appointment time. If you need an appointment in between scans you can request one. Please allow 24-48 hours response to questions Monday through Friday and longer on weekends and holidays.