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Let The Journey Begin

Getting to the Root Cause of Your Health Concerns

As a Bioenergetic & Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner I work alongside you collaboratively to bridge the gap between where you are are where you want to be with a root cause approach and a custom tailored plan for your needs.


Woven together we are body, mind, and spirit. All are interconnected and like a beautiful symphony work in harmony when supported to produce a crescendo of vibrant optimal health.  When we embrace every facet of our health in each unique season of life and create a life moving towards what we value most our body, mind, and spirit align and provide optimal health and vibrance.

Our Root Cause Approach 

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Bioenergetic Scans



Functional Testing



Virtual Appointments



Practitioner Grade Supplements



Email Support



Functional Nutrition



How Root Cause Medicine Works

Remember These Three Precepts

The body was designed to heal. Believe that!


No organ works in isolation. The body's organs and systems interrelate and affect each other


When root causes of health problems are addressed and stressors removed, the body is capable of healing


Your body’s remarkable ability to heal itself is too often overlooked and underappreciated.

You'll Get a Different Approach

Most clients that come to me are never spoken to about identifying the root cause of their problem. The only option they’ve ever been given is symptomatic, temporary relief in the form of a prescription.

The body creates a symptom in order to communicate with us. Symptoms are a sign of malfunction going on within and should never be considered normal.

What happens when we take medications to mask the symptoms? Does it correct the problem? No- but rather provides temporary relief and masks the real issues.


It doesn’t resolve the underlying cause of the problem. You need to dig deeper!

This approach isn’t for everyone – some people truly would rather take a pill. But if getting to the root cause of your problem and addressing it makes sense to you then you're in the right place!

You've probably told that your bloodwork looks fine... 

We understand how frustrating conventional testing, blanket protocols, and band-aid prescriptions can be

We know that what you really desire to get to the root cause of why you are experiencing all your symptoms

We create custom protocols tailored and designed for your body from your unique bioenergetic scan showing what imbalances resonate and what your body needs 


HearWhat My Clients Are Saying....

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choose how you want to work together


1) Back to Eden

6 month restorative program




  • A 6 month opportunity to hit the "reset" button to get your body back to how it was created-to thrive! 

  • (1) 1 hour initial foundation session where we discuss bioenergetic stressors, patterns on bloodwork and GI Map 

  • (6) 30 min check ins complete with protocol updates, diet and lifestyle recommendations

  • (2) 15 min phone check ins

  • (3) complimentary bioenergetic scans measuring resonating toxins, chemicals, parasites, imalanced bacteria, hormones, nutrients, food sensitivities and more

  • $800 worth of lab testing included

  • Access to practitioner grade supplements and dispensaries

  • Full access to Stefanie via private messaging portal support in between sessions for all questions and concerns

  • Detailed plan and protocol updated at after each session and accessible

  • Handouts and shopping guides

  • Exclusive discounts on supplements, food, and health tools

  • Access to my Ebooks & healing guide

  • Support and education of all facets of your health and healing

  • Exploring where you are stuck, how to make progress in healing

Investment: $700 per month (pay in full or monthly installments options available)

Abstract Surface

1) Root Cause Restoration


6 month signature package

(Most Popular!)

What's Included

  • (1) 1 hour initial foundation session where we discuss an in depth health history

  • (6) 30 min follow up appointments that include protocol updates and diet and lifestyle suggestions

  • (4) Complimentary Bioenergetic Scans (valued at over $800) and appointments going over resonating toxins, chemicals, parasites, bacteria, hormones, nutrients, food sensitivities and more. 

  • Option to add blood chemistry analysis and GI Map (extra)

  • Access to practitioner grade supplements and dispensaries

  • Access to Stefanie via private messaging portal support in between sessions

  • Detailed plan and protocol updated at after each session

  • Handouts and shopping guides

  • Exclusive discounts on supplements, food, and health tools

  • Access to Ebooks 

Investment: $350/per month for 6 months

2) A La Carte

Month to month root cause restoration

You choose:

  • How often you desire to meet (approximately 6-8 weeks)

  • Choice of either bioenergetic scans, blood work, or other functional testing

  • 1 hour long sessions

  • Option to add on email support if desired

  • Please factor how long you desire to work with me and compare if the Root Cause Restoration plan is a better fit

*Please Note

I require at least a 4 month commitment to work with me. This is intentional because illness doesn't happen overnight and similarly healing doesn't happen that way either...both take time and a realistic understanding and expectation of this is important. 

the investment

Scans/Blood Work


  • Follow Up Appointment To Discuss Results: $175/hour or $195/1.5 hrs

  • Add on appointments in between scans: $175/ hour

Add Ons:

Email Support: $85/month

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