What is Health Coaching?

"Health Coaching is the bridge that takes you from wanting something to achieving it!" Functional Medicine Health Coaches work alongside their clients collaboratively to bridge the gap between where they are are where they want to be with an individualized plan taking each clients unique health needs into consideration."Health Coaches help people to change when change is hard!" Each session is client centered, meaning each clients concerns, goals, and questions regarding their own personal health will all be discussed and prioritized while also creating a plan to encourage movement, stress reduction, better sleep habits, and prioritizing nutrition.

What does a Health Coach focus on?

Functional Nutrition:

Understanding that food is medicine is the core to what functional nutrition is all about! When the body is supported nutritionally and given all that it needs it then possesses the ability to heal and repair itself.


Mind/Body Medicine:

Mind/body medicine is the field of medicine concerned with the ways that our minds, thoughts, and emotions influence the body and our physical health. Learning to implement stress reduction techniques in our everyday life will create and sustain healing and growth.

Positive Psychology:

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of individuals unique character strengths to help them to thrive leading meaningful and fulfilling lives. A Functional Medicine Health Coach will help to cultivate each clients unique character strengths to help create this kind of life so that both body and mind are supported!

SMART Goals:

Functional Medicine Health Coaches come alongside their clients to collaboratively create goals for each client that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-sensitive...meaning I will help both create, hold you accountable, and support you along the way to meet your health and wellness goals.

During our one-on-one sessions we will at times zoom out and take a birds eye view of your life and at other times zoom in to focus on specific areas you'd like to make changes in.

A Functional Medicine Physician will investigate your health by getting an all encompassing picture of your lifestyle, environment, and nutrition habits followed up by laboratory analysis and diagnostic testing for further investigation. As each facet of the individual patients health is addressed they are offered support to regain a life of health and wellness. A Functional Medicine Health Coach will bridge the gap between what clients know they need to do to be healthy and the intrinsic motivation they need to actually make and sustain those changes.

12 Week Surviving and Thriving with Lyme & Mold Illness

12 virtual Zoom meetings teaching you the basics of navigating mold illness/lyme disease from beginning to end, community support, Q & A's and support.


Email support in between sessions


Online access to my private Facebook group


We will discuss:

  • An overview of CIRS & how mold makes you ill and susceptible to Lyme & EBV.

  • Qualifications to look for (and to avoid) in a mold inspector and remediation company

  • Tips and tools to save financially while remediating & healing

  •  How to exercise when it's the last thing you want to do

  • Optimal nutrition for a speedier recovery

  • Cultivating a healing mindset while navigating CIRS/Lyme

  • How to support the limbic system and its role in recovery

  • Navigating remediation, moving, and cleaning up belongings

  • Identifying items that can and cannot be cleaned

  • How to track your symptoms and organize your protocol

  • How to communicate your health concerns to friends and family

  • Addressing grief associated with loss and health concerns

  • Helpful approaches to decrease stress and anxiety

  • Mold avoidance while healing

  • Creating optimal healing environment within your home

  • Detoxing your life and living a toxin free lifestyle

  • Avoiding cross-contamination of possessions

  • How to travel with CIRS/Lyme

  • Identifying obstacles to healing 

  • How to cultivate joy and gratitude in the midst of suffering

Chronic illness through the lens of scripture. What does God say about our suffering?

  • Healing mindset while battling illness

  •  DNRS from a Christian perspective

  • Common mental pitfalls and how to overcome them

  • Cultivating support and when to reach out

  • Daily healing proclamations and why they are important

Creating an atmosphere that promotes healing and restoration

  • Your home is where you'll heal. Make it a sanctuary

  • Air quality matters and how to optimize

  • Tips on how to create joy in your healing space

  • Detox your home & beauty products 

  •  Detox unhealthy & unsupportive relationships

  • Set realistic boundaries that allow you to steward your limited energy

Throughout my website and in my sessions with clients I address how to support the body nutritionally to heal, environmental factors contributing to illness (CIRS/Lyme), home testing for mold, optimizing the home environment to promote healing, remediation advice and guidance, optimal detoxification methods, supplement education, herbal support for Lyme disease & coinfections, cultivating gratitude, gut health, clean beauty and home products, mind-body medicine, DNRS to support the limbic and nervous system, spiritual encouragement, cognitive behavioral therapy, and the importance of a cultivating a healing mindset while living with chronic illness.

Perhaps you are like I was....odd & unexplainable health symptoms with severe pain and fatigue. Your gut is out of whack, your sleep is inconsistent, your brain fog and fatigue are all consuming and your body feels like it's screaming at you...yet your test result come back normal and your doctor tells you you're ok.  Or you know your environment is part of the problem and is contributing to your symptoms but don't know where to begin. Maybe you've received a diagnosis of Lyme disease, EBV, and toxic mold exposure and your head is spinning and you feel overwhelmed with it all. It's a lot to process and you probably feel overwhelmed and alone and quite often hopeless.  

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Renewal Package

The Renewal Package is geared for the individual struggling with Lyme & CIRS/Mold Illness whose eager to heal, change, and looking for some accountability along the way!

  • Five sessions over the course of 3 months including an initial 60 minute foundation session + (4) 30 min follow up sessions.

  • Support, & education on mold & Lyme, detoxification, healing nutrition, herbs, & supplements, mind body connection, sleep hygiene, spiritual guidance, creating a healing home, DNRS & cultivating support along your journey.

  • Email communication and support is provided in between sessions.

  • Price - $275

Can You Relate? Are You...

Tirelessly fighting against your body & feeling pain, fatigue, and depleted constantly?

Conflicted about all the nutrition facts and what is/isn't healthy while battling Lyme?

Overwhelmed by your diagnosis, all the information your doctor gave you, & how to implement it in order to heal?

Not sure how to detox and support your body in order to make progress?

Feeling like your health trials are bringing you down,and draining all the joy out your life leaving you hopeless?

Looking for the support of someone who's been there done that?

My Approach:


I believe in taking into consideration every facet of your life including your environment, support system, diet, mindset, movement & exercise, gut health, detoxification modalities, & more. We are mind, body & spirit & all must be addressed in order to heal.

I believe in digging down the the root cause of illness rather than bandaid quick fixes. The body has an innate ability to heal when we take away that which is hindering health & add the right tools to support it.

I believe in a whole lifestyle approach to health with the perspective that one's mindset is crucial to anyone seeking lasting lifestyle change providing an atmosphere that prioritizes positivity, self compassion, and celebrating what is working right.

I believe in a whole foods plant based (prioritizing plant foods) diet rather than calorie counting, fad diets, or quick fixes to support overall health. That being said, we each have unique health needs that must be taken into consideration. 


I believe in empowering you to tune into what your body needs and is telling you. No one knows your body like you do and your body speaks to you everyday.

I believe in approaching each client with a nonjudgmental empathetic perspective and see my role as the facilitator helping to build the scaffolding of a life that prioritizes healing.

Thinking of adding supplements to your boost your health? Avoid buying them from big box stores if you can because...


  • A large majority of them may be counterfeit goods

  • In addition to the fake supplements that these accounts on Amazon and eBay are supplying, they could also be supplying you with expired products

  • In extreme cases, the supplements that you could be purchasing on Amazon or eBay could be stolen


Fullscript is a great and easy one stop source for your supplement needs. You'll get...

  • A discount on top brand and high quality supplements so you not only save but are getting what you paid for.

  • Easy to follow instructions on how to navigate the Smart Dispensary and fulfill Fullscript Prescriptions.

  • Flat-rate shipping charge on all orders, regardless of size, and our distributors will deliver the package right to you door.

The brands I trust & use most often can be purchased below. Please feel free to reference this page frequently as your one-stop-shop supplement resource. You should always consult with your Doctor or PCP before starting a new supplement or nutrition protocol. For more information, see terms and conditions.

I work alongside you to create a customized plan to reset your body leaving you feeling empowered to make the right food choices, revitalized, energized, with less brain fog and improved digestion. By the end of our sessions together your body will have gone through a transformative change affecting everything from skin health to gut health and everything in between. I give you the tools and teach you the basics to optimize your body and your health.


By the time we are done you will feel:

Informed about what to eat/not to eat

Less inflammation & less pain

More stamina and motivation

Supported to stay on track

Lighter and more energetic

Improved sleep and mental clarity

Clearer complexion 

Improved digestion and liver health

More recipes to help you stay on track

Clearer about your goals


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