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Surviving & Thriving With Lyme

Healing can be unpredictable, messy, discouraging, and most definitely takes a toll emotionally. Along my own journey I had great respect for the amazing and skillful physicians and team that helped me along the way. While I appreciated their approach I often felt alone and completely overwhelmed by the abundance of information left to process and learn to implement such as diet & lifestyle changes, treatment options, and how to process all the challenges, loss, and grief. Maybe you can relate!


Physicians are helpful but you have to learn to be your own health advocate by educating and motivating yourself on healing nutrition, environmental factors, creating a nontoxic healing home, gut health, stress reduction techniques, gentle & sustainable movement, beneficial ways to detox and so much more. In addition, it is necessary to adequately process the overwhelming flood of emotions that attach themselves to chronic illness that physicians don't address because a hurting soul is a hurting body.

What you probably desperately desire is someone who has been there and can understood the challenge and someone to help you navigate it all in a much simpler more supportive way.  My role is just join you right where you are to help educate you, to be the accountability you desire, providing essential health resources you need, guiding along the way, and to help you reclaim joy back into your life even amongst the tough journey back to health...

all the while encouraging you to thrive!

You Can Beat this!

You may feel completely empty right now.

But remember, empty is the best place to receive.

I'm going to tell you something you may already know....


Healing from Lyme doesn't just happen.


It requires hard work and commitment.... to get dirt under your nails.

But I'm going to tell you something even better....

You can make it through & there is another side!

Healing & growth can be uncomfortable...but so is suffering.

Commitment, perseverance, and a heavy dollop of hope required .....healing begins to happen and transformation takes hold!


I am here for you to walk with you on your journey. 

"Healing isn't pretty but the other side is beautiful"

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You are NOT alone

Lyme disease is a modern day epidemic. To this day it still baffles the medical community at large causing great division and confusion leaving the ones diagnosed without proper care and treatment. 

While the medical community squabbles Lyme sufferers are left to pick up the broken pieces of their lives.

Sometimes they find themselves feeling like a shell of who they used to be where hopelessness is an unwelcome companion.


Going through an illness can feel completely isolating. I know...I've been in that dark and lonely place.

I know what it's like to feel that your body and mind are being taken control of by a foreign invader and you feel helpless.

 Chronic Lyme disease sufferers have trouble receiving empathy and understanding from those around them.

Friends and family and even physicians often don't know how to support them.

My message for you today is that you are not alone, I understand, and there is hope for you! I am here to walk beside you.

Your Blueprint Awaits You!


Navigating Lyme treatment & healing takes a team approach. Health coaches are a vital part of your plan. 

You need someone who has traversed the hard path of illness & has the education & background to partner with you to bring about transformation by providing tools for your toolbox.

Lyme treatment has to be consistent, strategic, & comprehensive. It doesn't have to be overwhelming, confusing, & burdensome. I show you how!

I will take a birds eye view of your life, your protocol, and your progress. Your treatment roadmap we create together with brings about peace that you are giving it world class effort.

My personal experience with Lyme allows me to educate, offer you the best healing modalities to add into your protocol, teach you how to optimize nutrition to speed recovery, what to let go of and what to incorporate to heal, and how to process your emotions through it all. 

It's going to be hard,
but it's not impossible!



Ready to Heal?

A Peek Inside......

One on one meetings online through a secure Zoom platform.

Education on: Healing nutrition, detoxification & drainage, environmental health, herbs & supplements to promote healing,lowering histamine levels and improving gut health, limbic system support and guidance, adrenal health, spiritual support & encouragement, movement and exercise for chronic illness, a healthy mindset while healing, body/mind connections, shopping lists to get you started, access to my E-books, "Ticked Off" Roadmap Guide, access to my Fullscript, Wellevate & Cellcore dispensary, stress reduction techniques, and the understanding and compassion of one who has walked this path as well.

Collaboration together on realistic and specific goals that can be weaved into your lifestyle to promote healing and change.

Ongoing support in between sessions through e-mail correspondence. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect out of this program?

  • Overcoming mental roadblocks to healing

  • Cultivating a healing mindset

  • Promoting optimal detoxification 

  • Creating a vision board to keep you looking ahead

  • Optimizing nutrition and meal plans to keep you on track

  • Cultivating compassion for your healing self

  • Grieving the sick you and owning a healthier vision of yourself

  • Establishing healthy and supportive relationships 

  • Decrease toxic thoughts, behaviors, and relationships that are hindering healing

  • Establish clear boundaries around your commitments, time, and protocol

  • How to effectively communicate with loved ones

  • Assess your toxic load and burden

  • Effective tools to lower stress and anxiety

  • Education on adaptogens and healing herbal therapies

  • Release toxic relationships that have hindered you 

  • Develop healthy deeper social relationships

  • More energy and less fatigue

  • More environmental awareness

  • Clearer focus and determination for healing

  • Trusting your intuition and letting it guide you

  • Tools to nourish your body with food

  • Supporting your limbic system

  • Strengthening your vagus nerve

  • Sustaining healthy habits that last a lifetime

  • Healing movement to promote detoxification

When will I start to see change? 

Your transformation depends on a variety of factors as everyone is different. I tell my clients that you should notice subtle change over the course of weeks and big changes over the course of months. No one gets sick overnight and healing overnight doesn't happen that way either. Certain parts of healing depend on your level of commitment while other aspects are outside your control. Implementing the tools I give you empowers you to launch yourself into a healing transformation going forward. By the time we are done you will see that transformation taking affect. 

Who do you work with? 

I work with those committed to their transforming their health. I'm selective with whom I work with and this is why it's great to schedule a complimentary discovery session to see if we are a good fit. Not all that I talk to will benefit from what I offer. My programs are not for individuals unable to commit to making dedicated change and implementation. My programs are for those who are ready to pull up their sleeves, do deep inner reflective work, and commit to improving their body, mind, and spirit. 

Does this really work?

Absolutely! Healing from Lyme is more than a simple treatment but is a collection of various approaches to support the body, mind, and spirit. At Holistic Heartbeets we support you in all three areas to empower you to transform your own health!

Why hire a Health Coach?

What do you feel when you leave your doctors office? Most likely overwhelmed, confused, and motivated but unsure how to implement all the change! Most health coaches become health coaches because of their past experience with their own health crisis. They see the need to bridge the gap in patient care and be for their clients what they needed when they were healing. Health coaches provide practical assistance and take the boots on the ground approach providing an excellent addition to your health care team. They are a catalyst to change by providing essential education, needed support, continual encouragement, and effective accountability that your physicians cannot offer you.

Work With Me....

Let Healing Begin!

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What it is:

"Health Coaches help people to change when change is hard!"

"Health Coaching is the bridge that takes you from wanting something to achieving it!" As a Functional Medicine Health Coach I work alongside you collaboratively to bridge the gap between where you are are where you want to be with an individualized plan taking your unique health needs and healing plan into consideration. Healing begins! In each session your health challenges, goals, and questions will be discussed and prioritized while also creating a plan to encourage detoxification, incorporate healing nutrition & herbsmovement, stress reduction, deep restorative sleep, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social support all with the goal of propelling your healing to a new level!

My Packages

"Bite back" Package

This package is geared towards individuals desiring more hands on support as they navigate Lyme to propel them to greater healing and being able to thrive right where they are.

  • A 60 minute foundation session followed by (4) 45 minutes sessions over 3 months.

  • Support and education on Lyme, detoxification strategies, gut health, healing nutrition, herbs, & supplement education, how to lower inflammation, mind body connection, sleep hygiene, exercise support, DNRS & nervous system support, home health, cultivating a healing mindset & a robust support system along your journey.

  • Ongoing in depth support from everything including where you are stuck, how to make progress in healing, how to process grief and relationships, how to communicate with your loved ones and much more.

  • Your vision board of what life will look like on the other side and how we together can create realistic goals that will bring about desired transformation.

  • Nutritional handouts and shopping guides

  • Nutritious recipes

  • Discovering your what, why, and worth and why its crucial to healing.

  • Access to my Ebooks & "Ticked Off" Roadmap to Healing Guide included

  • Email communication and support is provided in between sessions.


What it is:

Hope for Lyme Disease Sufferers

Consults are a great fit when you are solely desiring resources, education & information without the ongoing support of coaching. 

My Packages


30 Minute Lyme Consult

This session is ideal for those who are looking for information, tips, resources or referrals related to Lyme & CIRS (mold illness). Session topics may include:

  • Lyme supplement education

  • Lyme herbs to promote healing

  • Detoxification education

60 Minute Lyme Consult

This session is ideal for those who are looking for information, tips, resources or referrals related to Lyme or CIRS (mold illness). Session topics may include:

  • Lyme supplement education

  • Lyme herbs to promote healing

  • "Ticked Off" Roadmap to Healing Guide

  • Lyme Nutrition education

  • Detoxification education

 Book Now! 


Schedule a Complimentary Consult 

Let's connect! I offer complimentary 15 minute discovery calls over the phone.  During our time together we can briefly discuss your health concerns, your goals of where you want to be by the time we are done together and I can answer any questions you have.

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