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A Greener Way to Clean

Our granite counters... the surfaces that holds the days memories, the leftover snack and kids projects.What we spray on our counter not only takes away those greasy kid prints and leftover dinner crumbs but also comes into direct contact with the food we place on it (or the kids who crawl up on them!) Traditional granite cleaners are known to have chemical ingredients that have harmful effects on our health. If you're like me your home is constantly busy and your granite counters need to be cleaned often (sometimes multiple times a day!!) Not only do you want to care for your granite over the long run but you also want something that will be kind to your health. Granite is not like other surfaces in your home and needs special care as a result. Regular all natural cleaners often include vinegar which is an effective cleaner, however, it's very acidic and over time will begin to deteriorate the sealant on your granite causing it to look dull.

I love that this cleaner is safe, non-toxic, and I can even feel good about handing it over to my kids to clean. I feel somewhat like a mad scientist every time my bottle is empty and I get to create a new combination of essential oils and enjoy the fresh smell wafting through the air to make cleaning just a little less boring! With Spring around the corner here in Georgia I was inspired to make a lemon and lime combination that leaves my kitchen smelling fresh and citrusy but you can make any combination you choose depending on the season or your mood! Happy cleaning!


16 ounce glass amber spray bottle

8 ounces rubbing alcohol

8 ounces water

10 drops of essential oils of your choice

(A few great options and combinations below)

*sweet orange, basil, lemon

* cloves, lemon, eucalyptus

*lavendar, ylang ylang, wild orange

*bergamont, wild orange, cypress

*cardamom, clove, ginger

*cinnamon, clove, nutmeg

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