How To Make Your Own Herbal Tinctures To Treat Lyme Disease

“There is a reason so many Lyme sufferers seek out alternative treatments. It is not because they are insane, uneducated, overly hysterical, stupid, or gullible. It is because they are ill, they know they are ill, and conventional medical treatment has not worked for them. (Just because someone is ill does not mean that, as far too many physicians think, they have suddenly become stupid.) Too often, when they turn to their physicians for help after antibiotics fail, they are told it is all in their heads or that they will just have to live with their reduced functionality or that they actually are better – they just can’t tell. Too often they find themselves in the middle of the Lyme wars where the paradigm of treatment becomes more important than the health and happiness of the patients themselves.

Healing is possible in Lyme disease, we have seen it over and over again – even in the most intractable cases. There is hope, don’t give up.”

Stephen Buhner, Healing Lyme

Lyme Disease. It’s not just the Lyme infection but the body's INABILITY to deal with the infection. The standard kill, kill, kill approach will never bring about balance and a solution to “dis-ease”. There’s no eradicating chronic Lyme just like there’s no eradicating every bacteria you’ve ever been exposed to. Lyme is a stealth pathogen so sophisticated and intelligent that it bypasses the immune system, replicates every 1-16 days, and bores into all bodily tissues.

The goal and approach shouldn't be to eradicate Lyme completely (near impossible) but rather should be to strengthen the immune system. A weakened immune system will eventually become overrun with stealth pathogens whereas a robust and healthy immune system will keep pathogens in check. It’s all about the inner terrain of the individual battling Lyme disease. With multiple approaches and treatment modalities to choose from all have the same end goal which is to strengthen the body and bring about a peaceful existence where the immune system once again has the upper hand.

But how do you strengthen it?

I went down the antibiotic route. I was taking upwards of 11 antibiotics a day at my worst. ELEVEN. It’s common knowledge that antibiotics can destroyed the gut and do just as much harm as good but for a time they kept me out of bed and functioning.

Medicine has its place and is useful for a time but is not the solution.

There’s a part of Lyme healing that must be intuitive and it will look different for each individual. I stopped antibiotics when my body told me to. I eventually tuned into what my body was telling me and let it lead the way. I knew my antibiotics had run their course and I couldn't push my body anymore subjecting it to the harsh antibiotic treatment.

My body was speaking to me that it needed more nourishment, less aggressive measures.

"There is no one way to health such that in all times and all places and with all people it will always work. Life, and disease, and the journey to wellness are much more complex and sophisticated than that. So, trust your own feeling sense and pay attention to what your body is telling you. You are the best judge of whether something is working for you or not, whether you need to add something else or not, whether you are getting better…or not.” – Stephen Buhner, Healing Lyme

All-natural approaches to healing have always intrigued me and with a body that was yelling at me loud and clear to stop the antibiotics I turned to herbal modalities. I researched the Cowden protocol, the Buhner protocol, Dr. Rawls protocol, and more. There were many good choices but for cost and convenience purposes I went with the Buhner protocol. I purchased Stephen Buhner’s “Healing Lyme” book and began to make my own tinctures with the help of my handy husband who made all the supplies.

One by one began providing healing nourishing herbs into my protocol to lower inflammation.

Before we get into how I made my tinctures I want to explain the reasons I chose the Buhner protocol and his "why" for choosing the specific herbs he uses.

  1. Buhners herbs are chosen specifically for their evidence based research backing up their efficacy.

  2. Buhner's herbs have good success with Lyme patients. “ In general the practitioners I have contact with report that 75% recover completely, 10-15% are relieved of most or all symptoms, 5-10% are relieved of some symptoms, 5% have no response.” – SB

  3. In addition to the "Core" protocol for Borrelia Burgdorferi Buhner also has 9 protocols for Lyme coinfections Tick Borne Relapsing Fever, Tick Borne Chlamydia, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Bartonella, Babesia, Mycoplasma, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasma infections.

  4. His protocols are designed to be used either alone OR in conjunction with antibiotics. “These protocols are designed to be used along with antibiotics if you wish to do so. I don’t think you necessarily have to give up either pharmaceuticals or natural medicines to find health. However, if you have tried antibiotics and they have failed to help you, the protocols in this book can be used, effectively, all by themselves…” –SB

  5. Buhner's protocol allows for flexibility to add or subtract herbs. He acknowledges that there are other treatment modalities, herbs, and therapies that are useful and to use your body as a guide to point you where it needs to go empowering each Lyme patient to tune into their body. "You are the best judge of whether something is working for you or not, whether you need to add something else or not, whether you are getting better…or not.” – SB


(1) Protect endothelial structures (The single-cell layer that protects blood, lymph vessels, heart) (2) Use cytokine remodulators; quell overly-aggressive inflammation. See “Cytokine remodulators” p. 210. Treatment: The best