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A Few Of My Favorites

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I know what you get what you pay for and the pay less! You've probably ordered off Amazon and wonder if it's the real deal. You don't have to worry when you purchase from online dispensaries and for my followers you get 25% off when you order through my account.


Supplements in conjunction with a healthy diet can be a wonderful addition. When the body is struggling with a chronic illness or disease it's impact can be even more significant. Always consult with your physician before incorporating new supplements. Does it matter matter where your supplements come from? When you don't you supplements come from you run the risk of...


  • Purchasing supplements that may be counterfeit goods

  • Purchasing counterfeit or expired products

  • In extreme cases, the supplements that you could be purchasing on Amazon or eBay could be stolen



Fullscript  and Wellevate are great and easy one stop source for your supplement needs. You'll get...

  • A 25 % discount on top brand and high quality supplements so you not only save but are getting what you paid for.

  • Easy to follow instructions on how to navigate the Smart Dispensary and fulfill Fullscript Prescriptions.

  • Flat-rate shipping charge on all orders, regardless of size, and our distributors will deliver the package right to you door.

  • Autoship options

The brands I trust & use most often can be purchased below. Please feel free to reference this page frequently as your one-stop-shop supplement resource. You should always consult with your Doctor or PCP before starting a new supplement or nutrition protocol. For more information, see terms and conditions.

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